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Born in 1996, Millie MacDougall is an East London artist who studied BA Fine Art at the University of East London. She had always been creative from a young age and in recent years has developed various styles of painting ranging from abstract to portraiture where she works primarily with acrylic on canvas.


Millie sells both original and commissioned paintings, however, it was only in 2015 she decided to pick up a pencil and try her hand at creating realistic portraits and pet portraits. It was by popular demand that she began taking commissions regularly in between her University studies. From this she also went on to other styles of drawings such as caricatures and digital art.


Millie has displayed various works around her hometown as well as taking on commissioned work and displaying work in large franchise stores. Her most recent exhibition was ‘END POINT.’ which was held at The Bhavan in West Kensington, London, 2017. Through this experience of curating and displaying along with a fellow artist, Millie came to appreciate that sometimes “in order to make art and give it a purpose you must first destroy it” and this is an idea in which she aims to explore further.

Artist Millie MacDougall and some of her original acrylic on canvas paintings
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